Frisco 50' combo door box cars 40000-40399

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    Thanks for the kind words, Tom, and coming from you, it means a lot considering your modeling prowess. The caption in Molo's book "Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment" does not give the reason for having this unusual door configuration or the reason for eliminating the plug door, narrowing the opening, and equipping the car with a unique Frisco door as can be seen on pg. 65 of his book. The cars were in their original configuration from May 1960 when built by PS to Oct. '76 to May '77 when the conversion was made by CMS. As stated earlier in this thread, these two cars on pg. 65 are the reconfigured cars. I plan to weather the car at a later date, but I want to get some experience on some of my other cars first.


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