Frisco 4003 Cab from May of 2019

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    48764910648_8e2ed1f9b6_o.jpg 48764910523_c933f8d0bd_o.jpg 48765434487_6a61f0b8fe_o.jpg
    since the last time I was at the trolley museum, I saw the windows were taken out

    (November 27th)
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    I wonder what the fascination is with breaking the gauge glass and screwing up the gauges? The Foameter is gone too.
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    Unfortunately, the homeless population has exploded in that immediate area over the past several years and it didn't help that current administration at the museum allowed the homeless essentially free access to the grounds/etc. This eventually contributed to the pull out of the A&M from using the museum as a passenger loading/disembarking location.

    You don't want to know what kinds of acts we train crews have seen by the homeless around the museum. Suffice to say that passengers didn't want to expose their children (or themselves) to such things as someone defecating close by and in plain sight.
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    It makes me sick to see what has happened to the America I grew up in. What was the administration thinking about letting them roam the place?
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    There is a convenience store pretty close to the Yard here in GJ. We used to stop there and get a pop or something before we went on duty. Nowadays you cant even leave the vehicle without being accosted by vagrants asking for cigarettes, money, or trying to sell you something. Almost got into a fist fight one time, just trying to get out of the van. Needless to say we dont stop there anymore. Pretty Sad state of affairs.
  6. Same here as well, especially downtown Columbus. I spent 6 years building low income apartments aka: the portal to hell.

    The plus side is I have no fear, and have become a quick judge of character and learned to be aware of my surroundings at all times. Working in the hood then going home to a decent area sometimes felt like being a Viking going into a village. Glad to be out of there. Paid great, lost my soul for it.
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    Frisco 4003
    Taken - 1-02-20
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    Not everyone in the administration is OK with the status quo. It's an uphill battle. A steep hill.

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