Frisco #1352 Steam Locomotive

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    Dear Frisco Group,

    I invite all of you to join our e-newsletter list and also look at our web site ( We are having a full schedule of train rides this year and events to raise the rest of the dollars needed to move 1352 from Taylorville, IL to Columbus, OH. So if you want to know the latest scoop or take a ride with us this year please visit our web site and join the E-mail Sign-up section of the site. Our April e-Newsletter comes out April 19th, 2010 so hurry and sign-up today!!

    How to sign up for the email list
    1. Go to the Web Site
    2. Scroll down to the box on the Homepage that states E-Mail Signup
    3. Add your Email address and your all set to get the e-newsletter


    Steven Harvey
    Chairman and CEO
    American Steam Railroad
    Project #1352
  2. klrwhizkid

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    I am glad another of our locomotives is going to be preserved as an operating locomotive. My prayer is that she remains faithfully decorated as a Frisco Locomotive.
  3. nkpsteam779

    nkpsteam779 Member

    No need to worry. She'll be in Frisco Colors out shop.

    Steven Harvey
  4. cnwtrainman

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    Good luck with 1352. We had Bill Purdy (Southern RR steam program) look at it once it wasn't our best engine in that the locomotive has had flood waters in over the stack when it sat at Swope Park also the engne wasn't properly de-lagged when set in for display. 1632 had a similiar problem with its delagging but never sat in flood waters twice as 1352 had. It would be relally nice if the people who pilfered the bell and number boards would return them to you. You might try and get with the museum in Belton, Mo and see if there is anything in the archives from the Purdy report.
  5. I believe this #1352 may be the Frisco engine run by my great uncle- AT "Toll" Bowman. He delivered it to Swope Park himself when it was retired and was given to the City of Kansas City, MO. We are thinking this to be about late 1940's. We have been searching for info about it and any news of it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Phillip

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    I drove past the 1352 frisco today in Taylorville,IL with my kids and was telling tem the story of me voulenteering when i was a kid. The mississippi mud was really thick we took buckets and buckets of mud out of the tendor the job was hard but at the time rewarding. How many other 12 year old kids could say they had a part in cleaning up a steam engine. I realy hope they are able to move the train to coumbus,OH soon.The weeds are all grown up around it and i dont like to see history forgoten this train deserves alot more than that.
  7. gpaulv

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    Just on a whim today I drove past the building where the old Frisco #1352 steam locomotive was parked in Taylorville, IL. I haven’t even thought about it in years and I wondered what had happened to it. The area is so overgrown with weeds hat it’s hard to tell if it’s even still there but I could see something black with the numbers 1352 on it. I assume that it was the back of the tender that I saw but I might be wrong. Is the locomotive and tender still there? Is anyone still working on it to use a static display if it proves to be too much of a project to get it running, again?

  8. nkpsteam779

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    The locomotive is still there along with its tender. Working with the last of the debts to be paid to the railroad and a few business owners in Taylorville before she can be moved. So its still in progress and not stalling out as a project is concerned just a lot of behind the scenes items that had to be take care of before it could leave town.

    Steven H
    ASR President
  9. nkpsteam779

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    Hello Everyone,

    Wanted to give folks on here a status report on 1352. We are working on putting the ribbons on Phase III of 6 of the rebuild of 1352 which is the kick off for the fund drive to relocate #1352 to the B&O Roundhouse in Cleveland Ohio. Right now I'm finishing up the costs with a rigging company to move #1352 via railroad flat cars from Taylorville, IL to Cleveland Ohio.

    Our group has come a long way with this project from the time we located #1352 in Taylorville in 2008. Each year after the purchase we have made strides to move the ball down the field per say.
    Signed a contract to purchase #1352 in 2009
    In 2011 Finished the purchase of #1352 where American Steam Railroad became the owner of #1352.
    In 2012 after a 2 year search we signed a long term contract for a space in the B&O Roundhouse in Cleveland Ohio for her rebuild location
    Now in 2013 we are on the hunt to make sure she gets moved by the end of 2013.

    So we have been approved and rates given out by Norfolk Southern to whisk her away once the money comes available for the cranes and rigging via heavy duty flat cars. American Steam Railroad and its board has nothing to hide by saying the costs to move and then unload at the other end has crossed the 6 figures area. We have worked very hard to choose the right contractors that will do the job quickly and safely but also willing to cut us a break on the pricing. Unfortunately till our economy improves most places are unwilling to make a full donation but most have given us good rate breaks. Our group has learned that the Taylorville/St. Louis area has one of the highest crane rental rates in the country and that shows up on our budget we'll be publishing.

    So with that being said well need everyone's help starting April 8, 2012 either moral support, passing the word around or giving in a form of a gift to move 1352 from her current location. I'll be providing a PDF file on our Web Site at that time showing all costs for this phase of the project. Again we have nothing to hide that just moving here on her own wheels was out of the question till the rebuild is done. We feel she is still a very worthy cause and needs to be seen again. This locomotive will be in the end the only Frisco Mike to return to service in over 60 years. So I ask for everyone's help starting in April to assist ASR in finding a way to make the goal of Nov. 2013 where she will rest in Ohio in a nice warm roundhouse stall. This will then pave the way for Phase IV which is bolier rebuild phase and locomotive over haul.

    I look forward to see what we can do to bring her home to Ohio in 2013.

    Best Regards,

    Steven M Harvey
    American Steam Railroad.

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