Fayetteville Track Schematic

Discussion in 'Ft. Smith Subdivision' started by chris, May 12, 2004.

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    Cental Divsion, Ft Smith Subdivision - Fayetteville

    Fayetteville Track Schematic in/around passenger/freight depot. Published in the Frisco Museum's "All Aboard" magazine; posted with permission.

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  2. Boomer John

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    Does anyone have the list of industries that go with the Fayetteville Ark track schematic already posted in the Central Division library?

  3. SteveM

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    I uploaded five scans. Ron Williams gave me a set of Monette-Ft. Smith. Only wish it was closer to my 1980 era. No exact date. Fayetteville has Campbell Soup and other things that some could probably date exactly from.
  4. SteveM

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    Okay, I should have clarified that I made an album, called "Fayetteville track charts." Next I will try to figure out how to get these to proper place.

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