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    I found myself arriving in Lubbock at 10am for a meeting that started at 6pm.... So I decided to see what I could of the QAP while I am here.

    At Floydada, I think I found the old station site, took pictures of grain elevators and a derelict freight platform, along with what is left of the autorack unloading facility. ( does anyone know when the last auto racks were unloaded here? )

    At Dougherty, I almost got my rental car stuck in the mud, but I did get pictures of the elevator there.

    At Matador, I tried to find remnants of the rail line that once seved the town and failed to find anything of interest.
    ( this wasn't actually the QAP though.... )

    At Roaring Springs, I found the real gem of the trip, the depot, which is in really good shape, and is complete with train order board.... If only there was still rail....

    I'll post photos of my finds when I get home....

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    Here are the pictures I took at Floydata

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  3. pbender

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    These are from Dougherty

    I'll post the Roaring Springs photos in the thread that has other photos of the depot.


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    Nice photos, Paul. I think they were worth nearly getting your rental mired. :)

    Seems like this locale would be a great modeling subject, especially for those who are loathe to model a bunch of trees. Wouldn't need anything other than a good flat piece of plywood and some ground foam. Wonder if anyone's actually tried to model the prototype of the QAP western fringe?

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