Enos Gaines, Sr. - My Grandfather - Frisco Machinist - Springfield North Shops - Springfield, MO

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  1. davidgaines

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    My grandfather Enos Gaines, Sr. was a wheel machinist at the Springfield North Shops.

    He told my dad about having to accompany Japanese buyers before WWII to perform hardness tests on scrap axles because the Japs only wanted to buy the highest quality steel scrap.


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  2. klrwhizkid

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    Great shot of the wheel turning area of the shop!
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  3. davidgaines

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    Thanks Keith.

    Guessing the date to be late 1940s.
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    Guys used to say they were wounded by a 1936 Ford.
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  5. davidgaines

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    They just did not know about railroad axles and wheels.
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