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    Please see this action photograph shot of GP-38-2 663 at McBride, MO.


    The train is north bound on the St. Louis Subdivision in route to St. Louis. McBride station (and former depot) is mile post 80.6. The train is running at track speed and splitting the signals (80.7) just to the south of the station. The photo is undated.

    The clear signal of the semaphore is truly a "high green" with both position and color indications. At this point the train is running northwest. The train has just about to cross County Road 216 (former US Highway 51 - now relocated to the northwest) crossing.

    The locomotive details visible include the multiple unit drop step in the up position, crossover safety chain between the 2nd and 3rd stanchions, speed recorder cable on the lead truck and the folded train line hose with the glad hand in the front pilot.

    Interesting line side details are the semaphore signals. They were in place on the River division late into the 1970s and early 1980. These signals were replaced as the subdivision's Automatic Block Signal (ABS) system was modernized and replaced with a Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) system. New signals were installed with the modernization that had fewer or no moving parts. The River Division was the last main line CTC installation on the Frisco.

    In addition to being marked on the signal, the battery cellar also is painted with the signal and mile post number. The equipment lockers with doors below the signal mast housed electrical connections, relays, motors and operating mechanisms. Note the mast tops are painted black.

    In the distance just to the left of the clear signal is the back side of an "Insufficient Clearance" sign warning of close clearance at the elevator just north of the grade crossing. The sign is mounted on an iron post flattened at the top to accommodate the attachment of the sign board. This was a common standard arrangement on the Frisco.

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