Eastern Division (Closed due to flooding March 2008)

Discussion in 'Rolla-Lebanon Subdivision' started by Brad Slone, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Brad Slone

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    Thats the only thing running right now that I have seen, in fact a rock train is sitting in town tonight, large shot rock in side dumps followed by a conveyor trainset full of ballast. They are setup in a push pull fashion, heading east loaded, back west empty. There is no telling how many tens of thousands of tons of rock they will end up using.
  2. WindsorSpring

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    The GREX train past Kirkwood mid-afternoon was a conveyor train, but had no locomotives on the rear.
  3. pbender

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    Current (5/5 report ) from BNSF shows the Cuba sub, the Thayer south sub, and the river sub between crystal city and Cape Girardeau as being out of service.

    That is a significant portion of the Frisco....

  4. Brad Slone

    Brad Slone Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Another day of loaded rock trains heading east.
  5. WindsorSpring

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    Another loaded rock train went west on Tuesday morning. However, they must have been effective because the line appears open. Tuesday evening (5/9/17) the Tate & Lyle corn syrup train went westbound around 16:10. It was followed by the westbound local with the usual LP loads. Just a few moments ago a westbound (GALTUL?) went by with some military equipment and the usual coil steel loads.
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  6. meteor910

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    Glad to hear it looks like the crews got the road open again. Well done! Get it going Frisco!
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