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  1. What color red and yellowish are on the E8 2006 later passenger scheme?
    has the freight swish on the front
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    I don't think there is one single answer to this question. If you look around the forum, you'll find lots of debate and disagreement about color matching from old photos, especially the gold/yellow color used on the diesels.

    For starters, here is some old discussion about E8 paint. I think the red is the same between the racehorse scheme and the later "cigar band" scheme.

    Second in importance, the model paint landscape has changed a lot since floquil disappeared. Here's a thread discussing options and where to buy in today's world:

    Next, let me make sure were discussing the same subject. I assume you're talking about this scheme?



    The red is going to be hard to match and might require some blending on your part. I think caboose red is going be close, but might be a bit too dark, see example here:

    I would recommend trying Modelflex Caboose Red, Signal Red and Rock Island Red and see which of those you like best. If none of those suit you, Vallejo has several shades of red to try.

    My pick for the gold/yellow color is Modelflex B&O Dulux Gold. Example here: https://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/model-paint-summary-2022.13637/
    The tone of it is going to play a little different with red than it will with black, but it'll be close.

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