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Discussion in 'Virtual (V) Scale' started by Guy the Wise, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Guy the Wise

    Guy the Wise Member

    Hi; I'm looking to do a bit of virtual modeling of my own. As so, I'm looking for good resources on steam locomotive classes such as the 1060 rebuilds, 4500, and a few of the various 4-6-0's. I'm most interested in the 1060 rebuilds, but other locomotives would most definitely be appreciated. Other than the 4500, does anyone know where I can locate the other engines and various others?
  2. Texas_Midland

    Texas_Midland Member

    There is a Brazilian Trainsim Developer with a website called MachineRails who has some 189o's 4-6-0's
    as payware. Quality is exceptional Its all for TS 2020. Recommend having a look at it.

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