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    Built in Feb 1911 by AC&F, the Enid was one of several cars rebuilt by the Frisco during June and July 1936. These deluxe chair cars included the Ft Smith, Wichita, Joplin, Okmulgee. They featured reclining "bucket" seats and a smoking lounge (as the Frisco called them) by each lavatory.

    The Springfield Library has a "builder's photo" of the Enid fresh from the West Shops. During the 50's this car was assigned to trains 111 and 112.

    The Enid survives, and resides on the Texas State RR which operates between Palestine (pronounced PAL es teen) and Rusk. The yellow, tuscan, and silver of the TS RR is a far cry from the Pullman Green or Zephyr Blue of the Frisco.

    Here she is at Palestine during July 1982

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    The Texas State RR is one operation that isn't covered well on the web and I appreciate you sharing that shot of the car. Its good to know that the car survives, even if it is in brighter paint than when it was in revenue service but if its still being used that is a good thing.

    Compared to the more typical coaches this class of Frisco car is "right nice". Would make a nice kitbashing project!!!

    Do any of the other cars in this series exist?
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    I often saw the Enid and the Wichita used in trains 807-808 The Sunnyland at Cape Girardeau in the early 1960's.

    Ken McElreath
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    Are there any other ex-Frisco cars at the Texas State Railway?

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    The Enid is the only former Frisco car on the property. She was purchased from the Ashley , Drew, and Northern. The rest of the psgr car roster is comprised of EL, PRR, and CRIP commuter cars. The TS RR does have a car of local (Texas) interest; that being an old I-GN lounge car. Unfortunately, the car was gutted, and it is now an "open-air" car.....the windows have been enlarged and are are unglazed. The passengers ride on wooden-slat, bench seats.
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    Some Arthur B. Johnson pictures of Enid and two of her 42 seat sisters:

    Enid--9-25-66 at Springfield depot.

    Joplin--Also at Springfield 12-27-59.

    Wichita--Coupled to one of the original Firefly coaches with full-width diaphragms and single vestibule. Same location, 6-18-61.


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    "Joplin" details, oddity

    These photos of "Joplin" were taken by a Mr. Hodes at the Springfield depot in 1965. They're from Bill Heiss' collection and I'd like to thank Bill for his generosity and to John Sanders for facilitating.
    In the Arthur Johnson photo of "Joplin" (middle photo, earlier post), it appears that the car has had a sideswipe and has been freshly painted. Note the creases below the windows. In the 1965 photos, the creases are still visable (middle photo). Another oddity: The lettering appears to have a protective glass or plexiglas plate over the "Joplin" and "FRISCO." I never noticed this detail on any other Frisco passenger car. The two end photos here are of the opposite side of the car.

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    Tag or anyone:

    Anyone know if the Enid car still survives and if it is still between Palestine and Rusk? The original post was 3 years ago.

    Whoops. I looked at join date instead of post date. I am going to make a special trip to see it. Thanks for posting this.
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