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    Does anyone know anything about the town of Darrow on Frisco’s line southwest of Enid and Okeene? According to old maps, the Frisco crossed the Rock Island, and there may even have been a branch of the Orient coming from Fairview. On Google Earth, nothing at all remains of the town, and a Google search yields almost nothing. I did find and old depot picture and some pages from the town newspaper, but that’s it. I thought there might be more history out there on the town. Chris Adams
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    Post office at Darrow was only active 1905 - 1918. The Darrow Press was a weekly published by Gideon Daeschner Nov 1904 - 26 Dec 1907

    Readable pages online with zoom tool (link below) e.g. Railroad time table 12 Sept 1907 (image attached)


    (Quote) "The short crop, and monetary depression that is bringing inactivity into all avenues, and the diappoitments evolved by these conditions in the development of the town, are partial causes for discontinuing this paper...the publisher has acquired other property interests and must give them his attention."

    Town shows on 1915 map of Blaine county.

    Range and Section is T19N-11W

    Town is not enumerated on any census, has never had a zip code. No cemeteries

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    Thanks, GBNF...I saw that it actually appeared in the Frisco’s 1947 passenger timetable as a flag stop for the Enid-Vernon rail motor. I believe there once was a junction with the Rock Island there. I surmised that the Rock built a connector from Okeene to Homestead to take them north, abandoning the line south from Homestead through Darrow. Why the Rock once had virtually parallel N-S lines out there, I don’t know. From the newspaper, it would seem Darrow had a “Union Station!”
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