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  1. In 1950 my family travelled from Kansas City to Springfield and return. I have photos of both numbers
    20 and 21 at the depot at Clinton but wonder just how we got there? Apparently the depot at Greene St.
    was about .8 of a mile from the main track at Clinton Jct. on a dead-end spur.
    Am I correct in assuming the Frisco depot was on this spur off the main track and depending on the direction
    of the train they either headed into the spur (southward) or backed in (northward) and then reversed
    this process in order to leave town?
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    Please see

    Southbound, 21 headed in toward the depot, and then backed-out. The operation for 20 was the opposites just as you surmised.
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  3. Karl

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    I am curious why your family chose the Highline for your trip. Would you know why?

    You have some rare mileage. Was you train diesel or steam powered?
  4. We were visiting my dads relatives there. We rode behind steam and I have some Kodachromes of the trip I will
    post. CEW
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    Neat story, Charles. And if you are able to post photos as time allows, I suspect there will be much rejoicing around these parts.

    Best Regards,
  6. Those photos were posted earlier this month in the Passenger operations forum. Sorry, I don't have any more that were taken on that trip.


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