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    Katyslug and myself made a short railfan trip to day and during or journey we ended up in Cherokee. We found the Mop/Frisco crossing. It looks as if the MOP and the Frisco used to interchange there and that the Frisco had connections to the KC to Tulsa line there also. It appears there was at least a 3 track yard east of the Tul-KC line. Neither of us had ever railfanned this before. Would anyone have any information on this? Were there any businesses there. Any maps available? Any info would be greatly appreciated by two Parsons Frisco nuts.
    El Bob Oh
    and the Katy Slug
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    Re: Cherokee Kansas

    The three tracks were the north leg of the wye and two yard tracks, no industries.
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    Re: Cherokee Kansas

    Thanks for the reply. What it looked like to us that the tracks that remain there one of them was the mainline to Parsons. There are still two tracks on the northside of the wye and one track coming off the Parsons line going to the south side of the wye. About half way back to the MOP crossing their is evidence of a switch that has been removed it may have been part of the second track that goes on the north side of the wye. I sure wish I would have known of this 30+ years ago. thanks again for the reply.
    Bob Wintle

    PS I will try to post pictures that I took today but my ISP is giving me fits on sending photos right now.
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    Re: Cherokee Kansas

    From the Afton sub main going east the first switch was the east wye the next switch was the north wye then the yard track switch. There was a MP connection switch that lead to two tracks that ran along side the main to just short of the MP crossing.
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    Re: Cherokee Kansas

    Junction map. Date unknown....1920's-30's

    Dale Rush
    Carthage, MO

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    I would date this drawing to early 1930's due to line to Weir showing on the east end of the drawing. That particular line to Weir was removed around 1935. I will have to look it up to get the exact date. Also, sometime after this drawing was made the connection with the Mop was moved diagonally to the other side of the diamond, also a two track yard was built from the Mop connection switch westward to the next road crossing. In 1906 there was also an eight track roundhouse located north and west of the crossing of the Frisco Afton and Parsons Subs. I have copies of the 1906 Crawford County Plat Book which shows all of the tracks in this area including the roundhouse. I also have seen postcard views of it. Mike and Bob, let me know what you want to look at as far as track plans of Cherokee and I will gather up what I have.

    John Chambers
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    John, I would like to see what the track arangement was, say around late sixty's, early seventies. Basicly when the fFrisco was still operating towards Parsons and the Mop was still going to Pittsburg. Bob and I are planning to go to C'vale tonight. Myabe we can see the track plans then.
    Later, Katyslug
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    Thanks for helping place a date to this map. My best guess was 20's-30's. Same date should apply to all the junction maps I have been posting.

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    I hope you and others have many more maps to post so we can all enjoy. This is great stuff!

    Many of us would much rather see good vintage Frisco photographs, maps, diagrams, plans, collectibles and other items than that "modern" stuff and paint of the later successor roads.

    Another interesting aspect to the railroad are the diverse customer's industries and commodities it served. Then there is the aspect of where the shipments come from, where they are going and how they got there. It is great to see the individual pieces come together into the whole operations picture.

    The maps are great for generating layout plans, modeling ideas and operating possibilities. Also, they are useful for building shipper, receiver and commodity information for use on weigh bills for car cards. More please!

    Hope this helps.


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    The website Kansas Memory
    contains what are, I think, are the postcard photos mentioned below for Cherokee.

    They are part of a souvenir album and take a while to find on the site. Here is
    the direct link:

    The depot is shown along with portions of the rail yard in the 1895-1905 time-frame.

    Robert Thomas
    San Antonio, TX
    (formerly of Carona and Scammon, KS)
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    Frisco Friends,

    I am attempting to locate a track map of the area north of the Cherokee Kansas diamond that would show the time period that included a roundhouse. It seems like I have seen one here on the site before, but cannot find it now. Any help would be appreciated. Considering this scene for future layout expansion.


    -Bob T.

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