Campbell to Caligoa, MO

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    Campbell to Caligoa, MO.-

    M.P. Station---- Blt.- Aban P.C. County
    0.0 Campbell--- 1896 1906 WLC Dunklin
    ?.? Paragion---- 1896 1906 WLC Dunklin
    ?.? Glennonville- 1896 1906 WLC Dunklin
    7.9 Caligoa----- 1896 1906 WLC Dunklin

    Predecessor Company-
    1) Ward Lumber Co.

    1) Connects with Vanduser to Gibson, MO. branch at Campbell.
    2) Caligoa end-of-branch.
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    Did Campbell have a depot? Are there any pictures of it on here? Just wondered.
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    At least until the 1930 abandonment, it looks like Campbell did. Station # TD215 of the Leachville Subdivision's Campbell Branch. Here's the relevant page from Karl Brand's River Division Employee Timetable No. 12 (7/19/1925):

    I've not seen any photos that I can recall. The old Frisco Employee's Magazines online ( might have either an old photo or additional information, but it would take a bit of searching. And, judging from the depot floor plans on Dr. Mike Condren's website, it was a joint agency, with the depot owned by the SSW. Floor Plans/index.html

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  4. Campbell, by the early 1960's was a joint Frisco/Cotton Belt operation operated by Frisco employees out of the Cotton Belt depot. I worked that job as a relief agent/telegrapher in '66 and '67. You can find a photo of the depot in Missouri Depots, Winston,
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    Thanks for the clarification, V.C. Would love to hear any and all stories from your River Division days as time allows...

    This also gave me a chance to update the link in my 2012 post that was broken.

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