Camellia Park, Alabama

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  1. Fabulous work Ken. The IC train is a great idea too.
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    While the IC special was in town, it occupied Track 2 at the Camellia Park Union Station and the occupants could sleep in their Pullmans. I also shot the morning SAL #6, the Cotton Blossom (all eight cars), at FY junction as it arrived on its way from Birmingham to Atlanta and Richmond. There was a Frisco through express reefer in the consist from Memphis to Atlanta.

    Ken McElreath

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    And I couldn't resist a couple of more close-up shots of the Frisco sleeper #1451 in the IC special.

    Ken McElreath

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    Ken, thanks for the extra shots of 1451. I don't think I would tire of seeing any of your passenger work, regardless of road.

    Best Regards,
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    The final installment of our HO layout, the last city block of downtown Camellia Park, is now complete.

    Here are a few photos for your enjoyment. The Shepard Furniture Company is a tribute to Marsha (nee Shepard), who loves fine furniture and has more than she can find places for. I told her this was a great solution to her problem, but I don't think I made any points in the process. She simply said, upon inspection, that my "good enough" solution -- wasn't.

    Now it's on to the A&MRB&T Co. G scale layout work. The HO Birmingham Terminal layout will be wonderful for operation and showing.

    Ken McElreath

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    Here's Frisco business car #4 in the Camellia Park station set out track, just in for the quarterly meeting of the Company Board of Directors and (coincidentally) the opening of the 1950 thoroughbred racing season.

    Ken McElreath

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    Boy Ken Mc's passenger cars make me drool!

    Tom G.
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    For a "final touch" to the Camellia Park city scene, my friend Dick made two signs for downtown building walls. The first is for Marsha's (nee Shepard) furniture store. The second is to advertise the Camellia Park Thoroughbred Raceway, which generates interesting railroad business for special car and charter train movements for both people and race horses.

    Enjoy these photos.

    Ken McElreath
    PC100009.JPG PC100008.JPG PC100011.JPG P4250088.JPG
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    I think I'm going to go downstairs with a chain saw and cut up my Newburg mess.
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    Nice work, all!


    Having seen pictures of your excellent work on your layout, I think you're being a bit of a drama queen, there.


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    You gents crack me up .

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