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    Please see the following link for a view of Frisco caboose SLSF 1703. (6/1/2010)

    This is one of the of the Frisco built cabooses intended for road and pool service. This car was constructed during 3/1973. It was built form a main car body provided by a Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar, SLSF 18083.

    On the end roof eve, note the vertical tabs. This feature, along with the lower side sill hints at the car body's Pullman Standard origins. Also on the end roof eve the car has retained its red marker light.

    This caboose was donated 6/18/1985. The car retains its original windows all around. This is somewhat unusual and many of the other preserved cabooses have the windows plated over.

    This car is in near original paint with red carbody, white outline herald, reporting marks and number and yellow grab irons and end rails. However, both the left and right step side guards at each end should be yellow also.

    This caboose is in the east central part of the city, south of the Tupelo Regional Airport. It is located on the east side of Ballard Park at the Oren Dunn Museum. Please see

    The location address is 689 Rutherford Rd., Tupelo, MS.

    Please see,259.45,,0,5.

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