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    Please see the following links for views of Frisco caboose SLSF 1701. (5/24/2009) (8/8/2008) (8/8/2008) (8/8/2008) (8/8/2008) (12/28/2007) (6/10/2010) (6/10/2010) (6/10/2010)

    3-way Diamond Crossing (5/24/2009) (5/24/2009)

    This is one of the of the Frisco built cabooses intended for road and pool service. This car was constructed during 3/1973. It was built form a main car body provided by a Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar, SLSF 18111.

    The lower side sill hints at the cars origins. The views also highlight many features common to these cars. These include the electrical conduit along the roof ridge that at one time powered the eve end red marker lights (no linger in place on this car) and smoke stack with support brace to the cupola. In the near end on shot, note the tabs on the roof end eve. This is a spotting feature of many Pullman Standard boxcars, and again hints at the car's origins.

    This caboose was donated to the city in 1987. Caboose was relocated from the city park at 219 E. Country St. (Country St. and Delaware St.) to a local museum around 2002.

    On the ground just north of the car is the relocated famous 3 way (SLSF, SLSF, MKT) diamond crossing. It was removed from the junction north of the car where the Frisco's Afton and Carthage Subdivisions crossed the Katy's Joplin Branch. This is one of only 3 diamond crossings built in this configuration and the only one still in existence.

    The car is painted Mandrin orange and white. However for some unknown reason it was lettered with black reporting marks and number. Hopefully, this will be corrected to white soon.

    This caboose is located on the east side of the road, south of E. Maple St and north of E. Pine St. This is just west of the Frisco's Afton Subdivision main track.

    The location address is 172 S. Tennessee Ave., Columbus, KS 66725.

    Please see,100.55,,0,5.

    Hope this helps.


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    Here are some recent pictures taken March 31, 2010 and the famous 3-way crossing diamond.

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