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    Please see the following links for views of Frisco caboose SLSF 1284. (12/31/2006)

    This caboose was built during 6/1968. It is from the 2nd series (1275-1284) of extended or wide vision cabooses purchased by the Frisco. These and the subsequent 1969 order (1285-1292) of cabooses were equipped with swing motion type caboose trucks.

    In the photograph note the swing motion style caboose trucks. The end side sills are a continuous piece from the step wells through the end of the truck bolster. this is a distinguishing feature of the 2nd and 3rd order of the International car Company cars. The 1st order of cabooses had a tabbed side sill.

    Also in the first photograph note the marker light shields near either end by the blanked windows that extending from the side of the caboose. These prevented the light from the original marker lights at the corners from obstructing the view of crewmen at night.

    This car has had many of its original windows plated over. This was done after the merger when railroads were mandated by the government to install expensive, more vandal resistant glass. Further, the car has had its end ladders and roof top running boards removed.

    This car is painted as a faux green paint scheme with unusual placement of heralds for that successor railroad. It has been numbered with a faux number of 12000.

    The caboose is located a suburb of northwest of Ft. Worth. It is in a city park in the west central part of that community, north if I-820 (a/k/a Jim Wright Freeway) and west of U.S. Highway 287. It sits on the west side of the road, just southwest of the intersections of the 1000 block of W. McLeroy Ave. and the 100 block of S. Knowles Dr, in the northeast corner of Willow Creek Park.

    The car location address is 100 S. Knowles Dr., Saginaw, TX.

    Please see,278.65,,0,5.25.

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