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    Please see the following link for a photograph of Frisco caboose SLSF 1240. (9/4/2003)

    This caboose was constructed by the International Car Company during 7/1957. It originally was numbered SLSF 240. In April 1968 the car was renumbered by adding 1000 to the original number to prevent conflict with locomotive numbers when the railroad added a new computer tracking system.

    This car was part of the original order (SLSF 200-274) of all steel extended or wide vision cabooses for road service. These cabooses road on distinctive General Steel Castings (GSC) swinghanger-equalized truck. The car was used in mainline and pool service throughout its service career.

    The car is largely intact with most of its equipment, fittings and under body attachments in place. Thankfully the windows are in original condition and have not been plated over. The interior is complete including the conductor's desk. The inside is still painted light interior green.

    This is 1 of 4 Frisco cabooses (SLSF 1240, 1250, 1700, 1776) that were decorated in a special paint scheme to celebrate the nation's Bicentennial. During this period the cupola was red, with a white coonskin herald below the windows, the car body was blue and featured a white diagonal stripe near each end. Railings, grabirons and step side guards were white. Fortunately, on close inspection you can still make out the ghost image some of the former Frisco heralds on the cupola and other markings on the car sides. In the late 1970s, after the Bicentennial, the car was repainted Mandarin orange and white.

    Today the caboose is painted as faux "Rock Island" car. The car is RI caboose red with yellow ends, roof eve ends and steps, with white road name, shield herald and reporting marks "RI 17127".

    The actual Rock Island caboose with this number was a bay window style, not an extended or wide vision style car. It was part of a series of cars and locomotives financed by the Union Pacific (UP) Railroad for lease to the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific (CRIP) Railroad. They were intended merger partners at the time. The CRIP has been in poor financial health for some time, so the lease arrangement was made.

    The prototype RI 17127 was one of 130 bay window cabooses constructed in 4 groups during 1966 (RI 17082-17106), 1967 (RI 17107-17181), 1970 (RI 17182-17201) and 1971 (RI 17202-17211). That car was part of the 2nd group of cars (RI 17107-17181) and was built during 11/1967.

    After the RI demise it was part of 127 cabooses (3 had been destroyed and retired) returned to the UP as the lease holder. It was renumbered during 5/1980 and became UP 24545. It thus became one of the UP's bay window cars in their CA-13-2 class. The UP's CA-13 class consisted of the 4 subgroups of former RI cabooses. It was later retired on 9/12/1985. It is presumed to have been scrapped.

    The Frisco car had originally been acquired after its retirement by a gentleman who owned a railroad equipment salvage and scrap business. He moved the car to its current location and had it repainted in the faux paint for his favorite railroad. Later due to a divorce a portion of the property, along with the car was sold as part of the settlement. It was then acquired as part of the property by the current owner.

    The caboose is located at a private residence just outside a northeast suburban Kansas City area community. From I-35, Exit 16, it is 5.5 miles northeast of town. Car is on the south side of the highway, approximately 0.1 miles (500') east of E. Clarksboro Rd.

    The location address is 17607 Missouri State Highway H, Liberty, MO 64068.

    Please see,137.59,,0,5.94.

    Hope this helps.


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  2. Need to trade this caboose for the one in Bentonville,AR That way they can have a true RI caboose and they can have a true Frisco caboose.:)
    We also need to start a program to trade BN hacks for true Frisco cabooses that are in the north now lol.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins
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    image from August 2013 vacation 112.JPG
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    Ahh!! But is it for sale?
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    No it is not for sale, at least thats what the homeowner told me when she answered the door ! I said "oh come on , everythings for sale, put a price on it" and she said it simply was not for sale for any price ! Turns out the property sold 3 or 4 years ago and the caboose in the yard was the reason she loved the house so much and then bought it. I asked her if she knew anything about the caboose and she was oblivious to its history. I chose not to enlighten her because I got a sense that she could care less.....LOL
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    Here is a picture of #1240 in Bicentennial colors right out of the paint shop in its first scheme.
    SLSF #1240 Bicentennial Caboose first paint attempt.jpg

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