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    Please see the following link for a photo of Frisco caboose SLSF 1206. (11/11/2008) (11/11/2008) (11/11/2008) (end, 11/11/2008) (end door detail, 11/11/2008) (herald - black and white) (herald - white outline only)

    This is one of the original group of all steel extended or wide vision road or pool cabooses. The car was originally numbered SLSF 206. It was renumbered by adding 1000 to the original number in 1968. This was done to avoid duplicate conflicts with locomotive numbers when a new computer system was installed by the railroad.

    This caboose retains it end ladder, cross over hops and roof walks. Also, it retains the original side windows. Fortunately on this car they have not been sealed or plated over. The caboose was retired in January 1984.

    The caboose retains its original paint with the exception of the patch renumbering for that successor railroad. Hopefully at its next repainting, the city will return the paint to its proper full Frisco glory.

    This car is located in southwest Oklahoma along the Chickasha Subdivision. The caboose is located just east of the central business district in a city park. It is on the southeast corner of E. 4th St. (a/k/a Oklahoma Highway 6) and F St.

    The address of the car location is 401 F St., Olustee, OK.

    Please see,97.41,,0,5.

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