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    Good news! After an extensive search, we have located Frisco caboose SLSF 1131.

    We are actively seeking photographs of the car at its new home. Please help us build our date base of information and images of preserved cabooses by contributing.

    This is one of the steel under and upper frame cars with a straight side steel cupola. It was constructed by the Frisco in the West Car Shops in Springfield, MO.

    The car has been relocated to southwest Oklahoma! It is approximately 7 miles south of Lawton, OK. The car is now located at a rural private residence that features a large scale miniature outdoor railroad.

    The property is located southwest of town, west of I-44, south of New Hope Road (a/k/a Landmark Rd., a/k/a E 1750 Rd.). Geronimo is the first town south of Lawton, OK on I-35 (a/k/a H E Bailey Turnpike), Exit 30. Landmark Circle forms an elongated loop south of Landmark Rd.

    The residence and caboose is within the center of this loop. Car sits on the east side of the property behind the main house. It is south of a boxcar and within the loop of the miniature railroad tracks. The car is most visible from the east side of the loop road (a/k/a N 2564 Rd.).

    The car has formerly been located in a city park in Republic, MO. It was moved to the Frisco Museum (now closed), 543 E. Commercial St., Springfield, MO. After the museum closed it was sold to Ozark Mountain Railcar. It was subsequently sold to and moved for the current owner.

    The car location address is 26 Landmark Circle (a/k/a N 2563 Rd.), Geronimo, OK.

    Please see Use the "Bird's eye" view to fly around the 4 quadrants of the car.

    Hope this helps.


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    I believe our organization now owns SLSF 1131. I have been busy researching the caboose we acquired out of Oklahoma. The only clue I had to our cabooses origin was the road number SLSF 1159 painted over the exit of each door on the end, until I saw the pictures of 1131 with the Keep Out and Keep Off signs on the side of it. Our caboose had those signs inside it, and I have included the only picture I have of it in Oklahoma and a picture of the sign.


    Frisco 1159 med.jpg

    Here is a shot of the road number over the door

    XX41 CAB 2012-11-08 17.30.33.jpg

    Is there a data plate anywhere on the frame that I can confirm which SLSF caboose we have? I have searched and searched for any info on "1159" as a wood side caboose and can't find anything. The person we bought the caboose from told one of our members it used to be the property of the Frisco museum in Springfield, so could this be the 1131???

    Here is a couple of pictures of what it looks like today,

    20140501_160131.jpg 20140916_151615.jpg

    It is now going to represent a 1860's Pacific Railroad Drovers Car, it is going to be used as part of the Trails End Sedalia monument to the early cattle drives that ended in Sedalia. The monument is slated to be opened on our dedication weekend April 24-26 2015. We completely gutted the car, added side doors and remodeled the interior. Check out Trails End - Sedalia on facebook for more information and more shots, hopefully you can click on the photo section to see more, but you may have to look back at postings in 2013 and early 2014 to see most of the pictures.

    Any help with confirmation would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Jack

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