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    Business Car Number 2

    Business Car Number 2 Tacked on to the end of a Freight.

    Slide is dated February 1969, and was taken somewhere in Kansas.

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    Three Recent editions to my collection.

    All three photos of #2 taken Springfield MO.

    First photo is credited to someone with the initials RF, and was taken at the Springfield Passenger Station sometime in 1966.

    The second and Third photos are credited to Jim Wilson. The photo in Pullman Green paint is dated 4-12-1975. The photo in Orange and white is dated 2-25-1978. In both of these photos, you can see the B end of #1 on the left side of the image.


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    Here are a few more recent additions...

    A few post BN merger photos of #2. It became BNA 9, Meramec River on the BN. This car is currently on display at the BNSF hedquarters in Ft. Worth,TX, with the name James J. Hill.

    First up is an Andre Menard Photo taken in Springfield,MO in June 1981 outside the paint shop. This shows the B end of the car, and is the earliest photo I have ever come accross of the car in BN paint.

    Next is a Don Heiberger shot of the car taken in 1983. Location unknown.

    Finally, a Michael Caramanna photo taken under the Train Shed at St. Louis Union Station in June 1986.

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    Thanks for the pics, Paul. I can't remember if it was #1 or #2, but one of the two was parked in front of the old Chaffee depot in the summer of 1980 as part of "Frisco Day" for Chaffee's 75th birthday.

    At the time the O/W paint didn't seem atrocious. Then again I didn't have the austere and elegant Pullman green to compare.
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    Thanks, Chris,

    I'm actually getting ready to scrach build a model of this car (in N-scale no less), so I've been collecting information about it for a while.

    In addition to the 7 slides I have posted scanned in and posted here, I've collected a couple of prints from various dealers at shows, a couple of pictures from various online sources (including a few on the Green County Library's site and from the Missouri Depots site, which have been very usefull). Marre and Sommers' Frisco in Color contain a photo of #2 in Green paint, along with one prior to loosing it's name (It was Saint Louis).

    In other words, the photos of Saint Louis in this thread:
    may very well be of the car posted above (I haven't been able to find evidence there were two business cars named Saint Louis, but I also haven't found any evidence that says there was only one.

    There's also a photo in the caboose section that Roger Taylor posted which contains most of the side of #2 not pictured in this thread yet. (see: )

    Another good reference for modeling purposes is Robert Del Grosso's 1992 Burlington Northern Annual. It contains general arrangement drawings of the car in the BN era, which lets me get the car's length and bolster spacings correct.

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  6. Wow 5 minutes ago i was looking at the picture of No. 1 in the red and white and asked my self if any of those cars got a BN paint job. Well this ansewered my question.:)
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
  7. friscochoctaw

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    It looks nice in BN, fortunately it's not the Hockey Stick version of the scheme!!!!! :)
  8. gbmott

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    Unfortunately, "looked good" is in the past tense. I was at BNSF headquarters a couple of weeks ago and the "Saint Louis" (sorry, but that is it's proper name -- never mind #2 or "Merimac River or whatever it is now] is stuffed and mounted along with three other office cars (two GN or NP and one ATSF), with interiors greatly modified, outside the main entrance and are used for meetings or special occasions involving a meal, etc., and all are painted solid silver. It's nice that BNSF pays homage to its railroad heritage, but too bad that it has to involve permanently incapacitating these four cars. Incidentally, there is also a former California Zephyr dome-observation-sleeper mounted in a courtyard there with a hole cut in the side that serves as a fast-food cafe for employees. On the other hand, the main lobby is a veritable museum with many interesting artifacts and displays. I guess you take the good with the bad.


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