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    Howdy, I'm looking for any information about a little line in Texas called the Brownwood North and South. It ran between Brownwood and May between 1912 (I think) and 1923 or 24. I'm especially interested in any Frisco timetable that would show when that line ran.


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    While I do not have any timetable information for this line, I do have a "List of Officers, Stations, Agents, Etc of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Co." from May 1, 1926.

    It shows Brownwood, TX as Station No. 876 on the Fort Worth & Rio Grande Railway Co., a subsidiary of the Frisco.

    It also shows that Brownwood was a junction point with the B.N.& S. Ry.

    So presumably the Brownwood North & South was still kicking at this date.
  3. ramroehm

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    Thanks. I haven't been able to find much information on this line, and yours is helpful.


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