brass 2-8-2 #4215

Discussion in '2-8-2 Mikado' started by Iantha_Branch, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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  2. FRISCO4503

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    That isn't a bad engine. I used to have one numbered the same and was the same model. However, Dadsbrasstrains probably wants too much for it. See other posts on this subject. He will continue to list them about once a month but people hardly ever meet the reserve price he is asking.
  3. HWB

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    I thought you were supposed to be cutting hay?????:p
  4. Iantha_Branch

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    I wish we were. MY job in hay season is to rake the hay. My brother mows the hay and my dad bails. We had some cut down and ready to go monday, but it rained a little bit so we were thinking we'll get it tomorrow. We'll it stormed this morning so its off for today and maybe tomorrow.
  5. craigh

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    :D send some rain my way its so hot here in texas my sweat is sweating :p 15 days of 100 + temps
  6. Iantha_Branch

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    How about I send you the Humidity storms we get. :p Yes, sometime in the afternoon it's so humid that storms pop up. Few weeks ago on the news they were saying "hot and dry this week" Then that very afternoon it stormed. Oh and I just found out that that storm this morning, it had what is believed to be a micro burst close to my house. A neighbor lost the sheet metal off her roof.
  7. craigh

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    noooooo have enough humidity :p:D, has anyone heard of or been to a train collectors association show? they are having one in plano tx august 22nd hope to find some goodies :D i think im going to look for some N gauge stuff even though im doing HO right now but i will be going to N next year, i have enough HO for now around 100 frieght cars and about 20 to 30 engines both diesels and steam

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