Athearn Genesis GP15 CV Settings, etc.

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    Factory installed decoders such as the Athearn Genesis GP series have custom CV's that are specified to Soundtraxx upon production. Below is a link to the specific CV documentation as it applies to the GP15. I didn't compare all of them to the base CV's supplied by Soundtraxx for the decoders they offer to the public, but only concentrated on the specific horn choices offered with this decoder. By the chart, we should be setting CV 115 to 1.

    CV List: pages/athearn/athearngen_gp15_ho.pdf

    Both the Diesel Sound User's Guide and the Diesel Technical Reference Guide which I believe are the same as the base Soundtraxx ones can be found at:
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    Additionally, it is interesting to note that when reset to default values by setting CV8 to 8, the default values for these OEM decoders are different from the ones on decoders directly from Soundtraxx for the same prime mover.

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