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    James French, who is a member here on FRISCo_Org is also a member of the Texas Western Model RR Club in Fort Worth, TX. He wrote an article about the Texas Special in this month's newsletter. If may be of interest to the members here, so it is attached to this message.

    Happy rails,
    Mike Corley

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    Thanks Mike.
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    Regret that I no longer live in the D/FW area so I could become a member of the TW club. Your newsletter is not only attractive but very professional. The Texas Special artical always brings memories and tears to this Texan who currently is a long long ways from home. It was a train that could hold its own against the Santa Fe's Texas Chief anyday!

    A reminder to all members who haven't ordered their copy of the TRRA's Texas Speical edition on this Grand Train of the Great Southwest to not delay any longer. It belongs in every Frisco and Katy library! I sent them a message telling them what a great job they did on this publication and got a prompt "thanks" back from them. Its only weak point: It has a rear cover. It shouldda gone on and on and on....can't get enough of that train!

    Joe Toth

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