Arkansas Valley and Western Railway

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    In my quest to learn about the history and current status of the railroads that passed through my home town of Enid, OK, I gathered quite a bit of reference material. So I am posting the highlights for each line here. Source materials and web links are available on request.

    Frisco - Tulsa OK-Avard OK line [E-W]
    Built as: Arkansas Valley and Western Railway
    Build years: 1902-04
    AV&W Jct. (West Tulsa) to Steen (Enid) 1902-03
    Enid to Avard 1904
    The AV&W acquired by the Frisco on 7/19/1907
    Acquired by Burlington Northern 11/21/1980
    Current operations:
    Intact intrastate line for BNSF, including BNSF-CSX intermodal traffic
    between the West Coast and the Southeast. Connects with BNSF
    transcon at Avard, Cherokee subdivision at West Tulsa. Part of the
    BNSF Springfield division.

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