Appropriate early 1950 Frisco boxcars

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    The West Bottoms project is moving along, second 0-6-0 purchased and freighthouse about to be painted. But I was looking at my assortment of boxcars for the project and low and behold no Frisco cars. Posts on this website mention USRA rebuilt steel sided cars. Would this be the standard
    Frisco boxcar for the late 1940's and early 1950's. Atlas just released these, is that appropriate? The Atlas car does not come in Frisco, does somebody make the small coonskin heralds and othe appropriate markings?

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    Howdy, John. The USRA double-built steel-sided boxcar that I have (just needs Andrews trucks and a paint job) is an OLD Sunshine kit that was apparently long-discontinued.

    This post, which included details from the kit's notes, indicates at least two numbers c. 1951:

    The Atlas Kit #6400-1 (Undec. fishbelly underframe with 5/5/5 ends) looks like it would come pretty darn close. However, if you compare this picture of a Frisco rebuild from 1935:

    the Frisco cars had 8 panel sides, whereas Atlas advertises a 10 panel car. This may or may not be a showstopper for many modelers..."season to taste."

    Westerfield has appropriate decal sets for the USRA rebuilds on their website. Thanks for the heads-up on this one; I'd completely missed it!

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