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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Dennis D Garrett, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Merry Christmas from Eudora, KS. A Santa Fe guy from day one, but I've always had an interest in the Frisco. I started railroading in 2-1969 as a Carman at Topeka, but eventually went to engine service as a Fireman, then Engineer, working west out of Emporia, KS. They closed Emporia as a crew change, and moved us to KC in 1988, and I retired in 2011 working to Wellington, KS and back, with 42 years. I had many memorable trips on the railroad, but a career highlight was being asked to pilot Frisco 1522 from Topeka to Emporia and back, and having the privilege to work with Don Wirth on part of the trip. I call myself an advanced Railroadiana collector, collecting non-paper items since the early 70's. I'm trying to quit, but just when I think I'm all done with that, something else comes up for sale that I really want ! Anyway, I think I'm gonna like it here.
  2. Joe Lovett

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    Merry Christmas Dennis and welcome to the Frisco website!!!

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  3. frisco1522

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    Dennis is one of the good guys and was a good pilot engineer. Welcome Dennis.
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    Dennis, a late welcome. I do think you will like it here; a whole lot of stuff to see and learn.
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    Dennis, Welcome Aboard. Good you have you join.

    I reasonably sure you may know a number of my local friends; Warren Scholl, Stephen Priest, Steve Hottle, Eric Goodman, Keith Jordan, Mark Hall. Most are model railroaders as well.

    Maybe our paths will cross...
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  6. I used to work with all of them except Eric Goodman, and Keith Jordan, I don't think I know them.
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