Already sold but eye-popping anyway...

Discussion in 'Passenger Equipment' started by TAG1014, Jun 6, 2014.

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  2. FriscoCharlie

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    Yes! :)
  3. Iantha_Branch

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    Maybe we should beg Walthers to do it as name train of the year?
  4. TAG1014

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    Seems like they're would be at least as much interest in a Texas Special than a Pere Marquette or Alaska RR passenger train?? Walthers did those.

    Tom G.
  5. geep07

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    I have e-mailed Rapido Trains in the past when they were producing MoPac passenger cars. I inquired about manufacturing Texas Special cars for this train. The excuse was that it has fluted sides. In my opinion, I informed him that a lot of railroads used a fluted side cars and that the Texas Special ranked up there and surpassed others in the same category and reconsider to manufacture a fluted side car.

    Maybe if Frisco_Org members would put more of a buzz in their ears they would consider manufacturing Frisco passenger cars!

  6. TAG1014

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    I know exactly why Walthers, Kato, Intermountain et al don't do a Texas Special or Meteor. Those companies are from urban areas (Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver area) and we're the "hicks" from Missouri and Oklahoma! There's always been a snob appeal favoring the big roads: Santa Fe, Union Pacific etc. over poor ol' little broke down Katy and the laughable Frisco that doesn't go anywhere near San Francisco...


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