along the Frisco Lines - Ft. Smith to Winslow 2009

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    :) If you are ever near Ft. Smith, you have to ride the A&M RR over the old Frisco Lines. So much of the old line is still intact and gives you a real flavor of what it was like to travel from Monett, Mo to Ft. Smith ,Ar.

    I have posted photos under stations, bridges, tunnels (yes the famous Winslow tunnel.), etc...

    Here are a few of the trip. I asked the conducutor when the best time to ride was, and he said now, you can see everything. When spring has sprung, you can not see much till you hit a clearing.

    I highly recommend riding in the 1913 heavyweight car, it really makes ride seem more nostalgic.

    The views, once you out of town, are great. And the crew is as friendly as can be.

    The will tell alot of stories of Early Frisco Life along the ride.

    Check out their website - and enjoy ride on the old Frisco Lines!

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  2. John Markl

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    I've rode it from Van Buren to Winslow and back, twice. Great trip.

    Too far to drive up from Texas to the other end to get the "Full Meal Deal" though........maybe someday. Gotta love that 539 Alco. No sound quite as sweet. :)
  3. Coonskin

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    You took those pictures yesterday! (3/7/09) I know... I was running the engine! Sure wish you would have come up and introduced yourself to me.

    For the past two seasons, I have pretty much been the one to run the Ft. Smith Winter (Saturday) Passenger Train. The last Winter Train of this season will be the 21st. HOWEVER... wife and I plan on being in KC that weekend, so I will be marked off and someone else will have to run it.

    Next Saturday will be a long day. Two trips: One to Winslow and return, then prep the cars for the dinner train to VB bridge and return. Usually a full 12 hour deal for the crew.

    Thanks for sharing the photos and the kind comments about the A&M's Winter Train!

    John: Alas, the RS-1 is seldom used on the psgr train out of Springdale anymore. If you get to come up again, it will likely be the gutteral sounds of a 251.

    Andre Ming
  4. DanHyde

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    Hi Andre,
    Looks like a good possibility that the wife and I will be on the all day train on the 28th. The 27th is our 27th anniversary- what better way to celebrate than on a train!!
    Maybe see ya there!!
  5. friscobob

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    Back in the day (well, actially 1980), I along with a couple of other railfans hiked this stretch from the Winslow tunnel down to Schaberg. Amazing some of the things you see in the Ozark backcountry.......

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