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    I'm catching on now. You mean cropped on the display page. Those are just thumbnails. This is your whole photo:

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    Howdy folks,

    As the retired webmaster and builder of the original in HTML, then Discuss, I see the forum software as a simple egg carton. Some egg cartons are paper mâché, some are plastic, and all work to contain eggs and keep them safe. Depending on the use and environment, the only solution for a group of people may be plastic or paper. So our choice may be paper or plastic...

    Charlie is the king of railroad forums if you ask me. We discussed this type of knowledge sharing years ago on IRC Chat. Charlie Dix purchased the domain name, I started the software in hopes of accumulating a massive store of Frisco information. We achieved that goal, but how to access so much information has continued to plague us. Like Keith stated, we tried a structured approach to data access, e.g., Locomotives, Steam, Baldwin, 2-8-0. It was a slow approach but did work. Not everyone thinks in a structured manner (thank goodness), but I do. It is easy for me, but perhaps not for you.

    Search engines have improved access to the point that finding information does not require a knowledge of Frisco taxonomy. In my mind, vBulletin doesn't really offer the Frisco community the best way to access our content. We have accumulated information and photos since 1995 on the web and via Douglas Hughes' FMIG newsletter before that. We have a lot of information, but not enough. There are parts of the Frisco system that remain undocumented (but that is another story). So, how will we proceed into the future for upcoming generations of Frisco fans? Will it be with state of the art software that both older and newer Frisco fans can easily use, or will we continue to use the comfortable and sub optimized vBulletin approach to sharing information.

    I remember the move from HTML to Discus to vBulletin and the wailing and gnashing of teeth was tremendous. Alas, look what we have now. This proposed change discussion will take us to a new level of better access and contribution to our database. I fully support Charlie's recommendation to consider another software product.

    Mike Corley
  3. paul slavens

    paul slavens Member

    I vote for the new software based what you guys have said about the search feature casting a broader net. Paul
  4. WindsorSpring

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    Well, if "Friscomike" is in favor of the upgrade, and the search engine is as good as promised, Xenforo is worth a try here, in my opinion.
    (I still like the structured arrangement; That was well thought out.)
  5. FriscoCharlie

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    Well folks, I am back from my trip to Missouri and it is time to get serious about this (if we are going to do it).

    If we are going to do it, I am going to take donations to get us going. If people have objections, I need to hear it now.

  6. magistrate

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    Where do we make donations to for this?
  7. FriscoCharlie

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    The standard PayPal donations would be great Robert.


  8. magistrate

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    With the exception of a donation to the archive the standard donation page will not allow a donation of more than $24.
  9. FriscoCharlie

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    Hmm, I see that. We are having some problems for sure! We can accept donations by PayPal by sending $ to support@ (

    I plan on starting with this quickly as we are having issues now.
  10. FriscoCharlie

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    Thanks for the donations so far folks. We will need about $400 to get this accomplished.

    I have already started work on this project. A warning that the site will be down at some point (soon) for two to three days.

  11. FriscoCharlie

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    Work is ongoing...

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