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  1. Bob

    Bob Member

    I am looking for sound decoders for my A-B-B-A HO scale set of locos.
    Anybody have any ideas? I have several decoders in now but the sound really bad or they will not consist
    properly. I have a couple of MRC decoders for the 244 engines and a decoder from XL Systems. XL claims to have made MRC decoders for the last 20 years).
    Any ideas with a reasonable cost?
  2. klrwhizkid

    klrwhizkid Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Bob, the MRC decoders are highly unreliable. I would recommend either the SoundTraxx ECO-PNP or TSU-PNP Alco decoders. Pricing depends upon dealer. Check your Conversations for a note from me by clicking on your username in the upper right, and then Conversations.
  3. Bob

    Bob Member

    Question: I see a Sound Traxx ECO-PNP decoder (number 885011) ---What is your experience with this unit? Or if you have customers that have bought it--what has been their experiences?
  4. Iantha_Branch

    Iantha_Branch Member

    I'll throw in my 2 cents.

    I have locomotives equipped with sound for 4 different manufacturers: Soundtraxx, TCS, LokSound and QSI. If I'm choosing just one to do an install, I'll take soundtraxx every time. I haven't used the exact decoder you're looking at, but I've used several other models of theirs. They are all easy to work with, and sound great as well.
  5. klrwhizkid

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    Bob, I have used the ECO-PNP for some of my own locomotives including my Frisco FA1s and FB1s. The biggest differences between the ECO-PNP and the TSU-PNP series are that the TSU-PNP has Digital Dynamic Exhaust, Reverb, and has more choices of all sounds. The ECO-PNP has five prime mover choices built in the board; Alco 244 (which is correct for the FA/FB), EMD 567, EMD 645 turbo, EMD 710, and GE FDL-16, and 16 horn choices. As far as motor control and lighting, the ECO-PNP has the same HyperDrive motor control and HyperLight lighting functions as the TSU-PNP.
    Take a look at the attached comparison. The Tsunami is the now-obsolete first generation.

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  6. Bob

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    Thanks a lot. I've worked for several railroads and know what a diesel sounds like which is why I am sort of picky.
    I never worked with FA-1's, but I do remember them.
    I sort of centered onn the 885011 because it said up front that it was for ALCO's
    Again, Thanks
  7. fredman23

    fredman23 Member

    Have an MRC decoder in my Russian decapod and it has NEVER worked.
  8. gna

    gna Member Supporter

    I bought a couple of XL sound-only decoders off eBay. They’re not great. If you just want some generic noise, they’ll do, but save your pennies and get something better.
  9. klrwhizkid

    klrwhizkid Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Wise words. Don't ever settle for something simply because it's cheaper; you will pay the difference in aggravation or repairs. Penny wise may be dollar foolish.
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  10. Bob

    Bob Member

    I'm looking at a couple of Sound Traxx right now.

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