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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Jabbahey, Jul 20, 2022.

  1. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    First, thank you for allowing me to join.

    As a 10 year old living in Eastern Kansas, I had weekly trips to get allergy shots. Every trip we would cross the Santa Fe, the Frisco and then the MKT. I loved all three roads.

    I modeled the early 1990's of the Santa Fe for years but, something was always missing. Well I finally finished a new basement in a new house and have the room to do anything I want. I had always done prototypical railroading, but while discussing what my new railroad would look like, a old modeler gave me some good advice. "It's your railroad, build it however you want." So that's what I'm doing.

    I'm still modeling the early 90's, but the Frisco and MKT never went away. They are still around in the 90's and since the lines are are so close to each other in the Kansas City area I'm going to model all three on my railroad. So I'm searching for information on locomotives that Frisco may have been planning on ordering prior to the merger. Maps from the last days of Frisco. Information that I don't realize I need. Maybe even some recommendations on what custom painted 1990's Frisco Dash-9 or SD-75M should look like.

    The two most important questions, however, are..
    1.) Ridiculous venture? Should Frisco only be modeled as it once was?
    2.) Is this something that is allowed in the Frisco Forums, since it is a model railroad and I did mention a couple other roads beside Frisco?

    Thanks for honest feedback.
  2. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Hi and welcome. Lessee' what'cha asked:

    "Ridiculous venture?"

    Nope. Model railroading is very flexible. It's also very personal. We can make it what we need, or want, it to be. There's no "wrong" way to enjoy one's hobby.

    "Should Frisco only be modeled as it once was?"

    Nope. One of our most prolific and excellent modeler's here is Tom Holley. He too, models the Frisco as he wished it had been. He models in a way very similar to what you're wanting to do: Quite a bit of Frisco with liberal doses of whimsy.

    "Is this something that is allowed in the Frisco Forums, since it is a model railroad and I did mention a couple other roads beside Frisco?"

    Yes. In fact, there's an entire forum section here that pretty much anything can be discussed as long as it's civil or not immoral. :ROFLMAO: It's called the "Off Topic" forum.

    That's where I placed my thread about my freelanced Kansas City & Gulf theme. Though in the past I have modeled the Frisco and had extensive experiences on the prototype Frisco, I wanted to explore my more creative side, and thus my modeling emphasis for quite some time now has been my KC&G theme.

    Yet, I'm still here. The faithful and true Frisco modelers haven't tarred and feathered me and run me out on a rail just yet. :LOL:

    SO... go for it.

    Be advised that we may offer some input along the way, or bring up something that about your proposed plan you may not have considered, but in the end, it is indeed your railroad and the only person it has to satisfy is you.

    Have fun!

  3. palallin

    palallin Member

    Like Andre and others, I model a hypothetical. It is firmly based in Frisco and MoPac history, but it assumes one particular event that didn't happen in the real world did in fact take place: the discovery of ample silver lodes in the Ozarks. I model the Post-WWI to Early WWII era, which is kinda broad, but I need some flexibility in time to satisfy all my desires.

    One thing I can recommend--and I am sure Andre will agree (because he has done an excellent job of it himself)--is to create at least an outline of a backstory/history to help you decide how to shape your venture.

    Be sure to let us know how your plans shape up!
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  4. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    Thanks for the response. Helps to hear that others are already doing things the way I want to. And I am always looking for input and new ideas. So let them fly.
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  5. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    Really like the idea of creating a backstory. Never even occurred to me. Just getting my thoughts straight and on paper will help me with layout design. Thanks for the help, very much appreciated.
  6. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    First of all welcome to Frisco.org, were glad to have you.

    there are a few of us that model the Frisco and its subsidiaries like it never went away. I myself model the Frisco, as well as Quanah Acme & Pacific like they never went away. Among other RR's.
    Here is a link to my QA&P http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/a-little-layout-progress-qa-p.4298/ as you can see I make quite liberal use of my modelers license, and so can you.
    Frisco SD70's
    Anyways please post your ideas and pictures we will always enjoy seeing your efforts.
  7. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    Those are exactly what I imagined my "modern" Frisco engines would look like. Starting rough layout designs on paper right now. I'll draw it up using Anyrail after that. I'm sure I'll take some liberties as well, but if it's allowed, I will post my layout drawings on the forum for everyone to pick apart and make some suggestions.

    Appreciate any advice and thanks for the welcome.
  8. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    [QUOTE="Jabbahey, post: 92555, I'm sure I'll take some liberties as well, but if it's allowed, I will post my layout drawings on the forum for everyone to pick apart and make some suggestions.

    Appreciate any advice and thanks for the welcome.[/QUOTE]

    Of course you can post your drawings. there are some very accomplished and talented model RR builders on this site.
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  9. Iantha_Branch

    Iantha_Branch Member

    Welcome aboard!

    As always: it's your layout, have fun with it! I too have a few "what if" models setting on the shelf (nothing worth sharing at this point). If you're looking for ways to design what if locomotives, check out this website:


    You can download undercoated drawings and open them in Microsoft paint to color in how you see fit.

    Check out a couple examples I made a while back: Both are what would be been the ultimate Frisco locomotive, the GP60M. One is the standard Orange and White scheme, and the other is an updated Black and Yellow/Gold scheme that could have been brought out in the 80's.

    Attached Files:

  10. A40FC757-A3CE-4CF1-B905-D95C5F005D64.jpeg 22D3C133-50DD-4EBA-9F70-9A9D8BB4BAE0.jpeg 990D9C5E-CF00-4DCA-87FB-F4B3A12A456E.jpeg A0930C5B-834A-4688-907A-4751A42AD9EF.jpeg I would also vote for go for it. I would like to think I am Tom’s biggest fan. He has an amazing layout and the premise of the QA&P surviving is great. Much less being a great modeler really sells it as believable.

    I also enjoy fantasy schemes for railroads that are gone. “What if” ideas. Myself I don’t think the Frisco would have kept the orange and white. The Frisco was never afraid to change paint schemes. They did often so I don’t seeing that lasting 40 years.

    Here are a few I have as fantasy what if’s and some fantasy of fantasy schemes. Good luck with yours. Show us what you create. Steve
  11. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I have bookmarked that website. Never saw it before. Love those GP60M's. You could not have sent me a more perfect idea for a painting project. All my Santa Fe locomotives are DCC, but last year I bought two GP60M's and one GP60B in the BNSF scheme, all three are Fox Valley DC units. It was at the end of a show and the dealer said I could have all three for $110.00. I thought I would eventually put a decoder in them and sound, but I never could find a good reason to spend the money to do it.

    Now I see an A-B-A setup of a Orange and White GP60M and GP60B followed by a "Heritage" Black and Yellow/Gold GP60M pulling a intermodal train.

    This group has some great ideas. Thanks for the help.
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  12. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    I sure like the idea of that patched UP. Sure would save me the trouble of repainting a entire locomotive. I really could see Frisco getting rid of the Orange and White scheme. Kind of like the Santa Fe Warbonnets, too hard to keep clean.

    Thanks for the ideas. Hopefully you won't yell at me too much if I post a future photo with a idea or two that was directly ripped off from your photos. I promise to give you credit.
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  13. Steal away my new friend. I post to share. I wouldn’t post so many photos all over if I cared. Plus I steal lots of photos online. HA.

    I just don’t think the orange and white would stay. The Frisco used demo paint schemes. Plus the like GE. I think a dash 8 or dash 9 demo scheme is the right starting point for modern paint. Maybe a MAC or ACE scheme. The later the ES 44 demo scheme. That at least seems logical to me. Show us what you come up with. Luckily you can’t be wrong.

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  14. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    I don't know, my wife is pretty confident I'm wrong most of the time.

    I'll get busy working and post some photos in the future. Thanks.
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  15. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    A B/Y QA&P I did a few months ago.

  16. skyraider

    skyraider Member

    Welcome to the forum. My railroad is also fictitious: it's a rendition of the Quanah Acme & Pacific (wholly owned subsidiary of the Frisco), along with some of the other railroads, that operated in West Central Texas. My goal is to model the agricultural and industrial ventures that shaped this part of the country. The era of my layout is roughly late 1940's and early to mid 1950's, but that's not set in stone.

    Learn what works and doesn't work in building a layout in the space you have. For example, since you are modeling a much later era than I am, you could have longer rolling stock and long locomotives with rigid wheelbases. As a result, you will need larger radius curves than a 1940's railroad for the trains to look good and operate well.

    As everyone else has said, have fun and feel free to ask questions on the forum. Many of my posts are asking for opinions on how to do something or "what do you think?"

    Welcome, and post some information once you've decided on the back story for your layout.

    Paul Moore
  17. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    Thanks Paul,

    Thanks for the information. I agree with you on the locomotives and rolling stock. Fortunately I have a step father that is a retired highway and bridge builder that is an expert pouring concrete and I'm a sheet metal worker with a few co-workers that will work for some beer and free food. So I ordered a 30' x 40' metal building to put my layout in. I decided if I could get the building, heating and AC at cost thru the company, I might as well go all the way. So I should be able to have at least a 36" minimum radius on the main line.

    There is a pretty long lead time on the material, so I may not be able to finish before winter hits. My wife says I'm going to need some design and construction help, and I don't disagree. You may see some pictures of a metal garage before a railroad.

    So if there's any model railroaders around the Olathe/Spring Hill Kansas area, let me know.
  18. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    "So I ordered a 30' x 40' metal building to put my layout in."

    Darn. I was hoping you could do a big layout instead of being stuck with something so cramped.


    Seriously: That's some seriously serious footage right there, and I'm being serious!

    As for my layout(s): I'm compressed for space: My KC&G "Ozark Sub" resides in a 16' x 20' outbuilding, and my KC&G "Riverfront District" L-shaped switching layout will be in a 9' 6" x 12' room!

    HOWEVER, it's more than keeping me busy. When it comes to model railroading, there's SO much to within one's modeling theme, to say nothing of the layout itself.

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  19. Jabbahey

    Jabbahey Member

    I must confess, I'vc had a 1970 Plymouth Cuda since I was 16. It is in good shape but nothing special, my wife really would like it out of the way. So I'm guessing the car will take up a lot of space. There is no way I'll ever be able to use the entire building for a model railroad. I may be biting off more than I can chew. Probably am!

    Plus my wife is already suggesting moving my office to the new building so she can have another guest room. We haven't had a guest stay over in twenty years! I'm losing square footage by the day and it isn't even built yet.

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