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  1. Roy Tankersly at the controls. Any ideas on location? Somewhere between St Louis and Newburg.
  2. frisco1522

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    Possibly Rolla? Cuba?
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  3. Cuba area was my dad and I’s Guess and I asked Brad too but nobody recognized the bridge.
  4. palallin

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    It does look like the Hwy 19 overpass in Cuba--don't know what the road number would have been back then.
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  5. meteor910

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    Doesn't look like Rolla to me. Maybe Cuba as others have noted, but it doesn't really ring my bell as being Cuba. Went under that bridge many times when a kid and on up when we drove down to Dillard for a long weekend of fishing and r & r. The bridge underpass is tighter than this one in my memory.
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  6. frisco1522

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    Enlarged it and the background under the bridge doesn't look like Cuba. I'm trying to think of any other underpasses where the RR is on a fill like that.
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  7. Brad Slone

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    My first thought was Cuba, but looks to me like the train is in a curve and that the stockcar is going across a viaduct itself. That shores it up in my mind, got to be Dixon.

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  8. frisco1522

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    I can't decide what is by the stock car. I thought it was a building. Roy Tankersly was a Rolla Sub engineer if that is him running, so it would be strange for it to be Dixon. Too bad the focus is soft.
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