4-8-2 - Frisco 1522 - What It Would Take In The Future To Restore To Operational Status - Inquiry

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    I am starting this thread because I feel that 1522 has made a lasting impact on pretty much all of us, and the story of the SLSTA’s initial restoration was one that, possibly, may never happen again.

    If there would ever be a chance to have 1522 restored again, we need a place to discuss/ask questions about the work that is needed to be done, gather dedicated members who would be able to perform the restoration, and to learn from lessons/tips from remaining SLSTA members.

    This thread is for asking questions about requirements for Frisco 1522’s restoration and maintenance as of the current day and for former SLSTA members to share their stories about the “behind the scenes” of the work remaining for a restoration.


    1. How necessary would roller bearings be for the drivers?

    2. Would it be possible to add some?

    3. Are the boiler tubes the only parts needed to be replaced?

    4. What is the status of the wheels since the derailments?

    ThomasF. :D
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    Roller bearings, while nice, would be impossible to install on 4-8-2 SLSF 1522.

    Adding roller bearings would require extensive frame jaw modifications to fit the axles with them.

    Regarding the boiler, it would be necessary to remove enough tubes and flues to permit a complete interior inspection of the boiler, tube sheets, braces and dry pipe. That would be required for the 1472 day inspection, along with an ultrasound material thickness test, recalculating all the stress factor numbers and ultimately generate a new FRA Form 4.

    Other boiler areas needing attention right now would be the biggest portion of the roof sheet over the firebox. It has corroded a good deal over the years and would need to be replaced, a very labor intensive and expensive proposition.

    The wheels are in good shape. One driver axle would have to be replaced if it needed to be turned down any more.
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    Does the FRA demand that you have roller bearings on everything now, unless you have amazing insurance or something?

    I also came up with an idea that a possible job making money would be to have SLSF 1522 pulling silica cars around on the Union Pacific (UP) track in Pacific, MO over to Dupo, IL and repeat.

    They usually have what looks like 2 UP GP38s that work the cars almost every weekday, so I wonder if you could make some money doing that for a job.

    It would let you go past the museum for immediate repairs and such, and it is a nice little route for fans to watch.

    I do not think the cars would be too heavy, but I am probably mistaken.

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    The FRA has nothing to say about roller bearing requirements.

    The railroads are basically the ones who are calling that shot.

    The Union Pacific (UP) would never stand for anything like you suggested.

    Plus there is no place to turn out that way.

    In other words, "Ain't gonna happen".
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    Would a lot of problems be solved if 1522 was moved somewhere besides MOT for servicing?

    Seems like the UP mainline keeps being a pain, and you have to ask permission to even leave the Museum!

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