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    SLSF 4003 2-8-2

    hi; I found this forum about a week ago. Looking about some Frisco info. Well was looking for info on the Ozark Cherokee Central Lines that ran from Fayettville, AR to Tahlequah, OK and on. But looked in your surviving Units section to see someone listed FRISCO 4003 which is STILL (unless they moved it, which i doubt) at the Ft. Smith Trolley Museum. Its an engine i came across on a first trip to Ft.Smith a year or so ago and It almost stopped my heart to still see a frisco engine up close like that. I also took pictures, which is kinda why im posting. Im attaching my photograph of it which I took. A wee bit old, yet still a nice picture of it. From inspection I had taken on it and my rather scattered memory at times; the whistle cords and some pipes are gone from it and a few other items, yet everything else seems to be in tact. Im sure with some love and care-- It would be going today I think. Im a HUGE railfan since I was about 5 or so... im 21 now. ^.^ Hope you all enjoy seeing this picture, I think its a rarety to see Frisco Engines today. I also have some OLD photos that my grandpa had gotten from someone a long time ago... But they're packed away right now and also a lantern from that same rail company. We used to have an old engine pressure guage, but I think he sold it years ago.

    Im also wondering if anyone has an image of a map for the old frisco line that went through Rogers, Springdale, Fayettville, and on to Ft. Smith Arkansas... and if anyones got image of the route for the Ozark Cherokee Centra}l Line that connected with this Main frisco line.

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