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    SLSF 1621 2-10-0

    1621 at Museum of Transportation.

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  2. slsf# 1621 - She does look better w/ a new coat of paint! :)

  3. pensive

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    Re: 2-10-0 1621

    Here are various views of "Russian" decapod 1621 over the years. She's lookin' good these days with a cosmetic restoration and the headlight lowered. All were taken at the Museum of Transport in Kirkwood MO on June 26, 2006 (3), October 22, 2002 (1), and April, 1988 (2). Photographs by Rich Lawler.

    DSC_0034.JPG DSC_0033.JPG DSC_0032.JPG frisco 1621 b.jpg frisco 1621 a.jpg SL-SF 1621.jpg
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  4. Here she is in Eagle-Picher garb, date unknown. The assortment of rolling stock nearby suggests to me that it was sometime shortly after she arrived at the museum.

    Bradley A. Scott

    SLSF-EP 1621.jpg
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    When we were restoring the 1522, I took it upon myself to lower the headlight on the 1621. In retrospect, I wish I had drilled new holes about 6-8" lower and mounted it just below center. I used the holes that were plugged by the Frisco when they moved it up way above center.
    I wanted the Museum to resurrect the doghouse that came off the 1522 and put it on 1621. I'm not sure it's still out there any more.
    IRM built a doghouse for the 1630 and restored the sideboards on the tender to give it the original profile. It looks great.
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  6. 3-cylinder-12

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    1621 now has 1522's doghouse up top now.
    1621's looking a bit worse for wear, some metal is rusting through on the tender, and she could use some paint.

    All in the money and volunteers.
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  7. arkrail

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    Is this actually 1621 (2nd), acquired from the Fort Smith, Subiaco & Rock Island? If so, what year was this locomotive acquired by Frisco? Does anyone have details of this transaction or an accurate date for when it had been acquired by the FSS&RI?
  8. WindsorSpring

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    It is certainly the second 1621. Joe Collias, in Frisco Power (second edition, p. 64) relates that "...the original No. 1621. ... was completely destroyed in an as yet unexplained dynamite explosion in the Alabama coal fields in the 1920's." He earlier gave information that 1617 to 1623, presumably including the original 1621, were built by Richmond. 1621 at the NMOT has Baldwin builder plates.

    More details about the acquisition of 1621 would be interesting, indeed.
  9. Karl

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    A quick perusal of the Annual Reports indicates that the original 1621 was destroyed during 1921. We must make an inference since the roster of Bolsheviks was 20 during 1920, and that number dropped to 19 during 1921. Likewise, during 1927, the number of Bolshevks rose from 19 to 20, and by inference we can assume that the addition came from the FSS&RI. Will have to read the fine print to see if I can find more details.

    It would seem that the process to replace 1ST-1621 took several years to complete. I also wonder if the extension to Pensacola played a part with the acquisition of FSS&RA 101? The FEM show that the coal burning Bolsheviks handled many of the trains on the Mud Line. Did the Frisco anticipate that traffic demand would require another 2-10-0?
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  10. Karl

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    The Bolsheviks were purchased under two separate equipment purchase contracts with the US War Department. The first ten arrived during 1919, and the second ten arrived during 1920. Both contracts were identical... Ten locomotives for $250,000; $25,000 down with 9 equal installment payments paid annually with an interest rate of 6% per annum on deferred payments.
  11. Peddling Joe

    Peddling Joe Frisco Employee

    May 19, 2018 our museum received a phone call from Clinton, MO concerning a medallion found with a metal detector . It reads ww wilcox Chicago SLSF Ry 1621 Special
    He asked for any information available and the significance of "Special"
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  12. Karl

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    Brass Baggage Tag which may not have anything to do with the 1621. W W Wilcox manufactured these.
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  13. pensive

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    Russian Decapod 1621 is getting repainted. I hope the bell and headlight are in a safe place. IMG_0873.jpg
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    I wish I had lowered that headlight another 6" when I lowered it from Eagle Picher location. Its still too high.
    I did that one day when we were working on 1522.

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