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    SLSF 1617 2-10-0 -1938

    All these photos are from the collection of Bud Laws and are used by permission. Also, most of these images have written details about the particular locomotive. I will place that information on here as well. Some of what is written I do not understand. Those will have a "?" at the end. You may email me for more details. I also have a few other shots, if I can get permission, I will post them here. Art

    I could use a little help with this one. It is either Enid, OK or Arkansas City, KS. Does anyone out there know which location this is? I am missing some of my images and need to track them down. Here are the details I have.

    SLSF 1617. Alco (Richmond), Builders #58831, Blt: Feb 1918, Class T-51, Taken either;
    Enid, OK. Aug 31, 1938 by G(?).R. Wood or
    Arkansas City, KS. Aug 29, 1939 by Ralph Graves - Enid, OK

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