1966 Freight Traffic MP to SLSF at KC – SP 698109 canned goods to Blytheville AR

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    This is part of a series of posts of actual freight carloads interchanged to Frisco from Missouri Pacific, mostly at Kansas City. These carloads originated on western carriers and were interchanged to Mopac at Pueblo, Colorado. All data taken from Mopac train consists in August 1966. Freight car experts can chime in with details for the railcars. If anyone is interested in the specific industries, let me know and I will post further info.

    NOTE: Unlike most interchange traffic from these consists which is interchanged from Frisco to MP at KC, this car was interchanged at Memphis, giving Mopac the longer haul.

    Car: SP 698109

    Type: Boxcar
    Net Tons: 50
    Contents: Canned Goods
    Origin: Modesto CA
    Origin RR: Modesto & Empire Traction
    Shipper: Tri Valley Grocers
    Ship Date: Aug 5 1966
    Dest: Blytheville AR
    Dest RR: SLSF
    Consignee: Arkansas Grocers
    Departed Pueblo Aug 10 1966 on MP Train #74

    Ted Ferkenhoff
    Flagstaff AZ
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    This is most probably canned tomatoes whole, pieces, sauce or such, coming from the M&ET. California Packing at that time I think, we know it now as Del Monte.

    Nick Molo
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    Neat stuff, Ted. Always fun to see how stuff gets from one place to another, especially when it comes to foreign road routing. Just wish I knew which train the Frisco used to get it from Memphis to Blytheville.

    Thanks very much for sharing and keep 'em coming.

    Best Regards,

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