1342 Working up the grade.

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    Back in the late '30s the camera of the incomparable Ivan W. Oaks caught the 1342 working up Valley Park Hill with a freight. The old right of way on the right leads to Meramec Highlands tunnel, no longer in service.
    Today the view from here would show industrial courts and in the distance, the Chrysler plant.
    Ivan died tragically in a bomber crash early in WWII in Tennessee. He was part of a trio who published quite a few photos back then, Nansen-Oaks-Barham.
    Jack Nansen, the last of the three died two weeks ago at the age of 85.

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    Don, I love it -- it's a coal burner! At least as pretty as the HO model of the same engine on display in our house, thanks to you.

    Ken McElreath

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