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    With the announcement of the Hudsons coming it has kind of got me in a passenger car kick. This car is based on one of the four in the 1053 series, the other numbers were 1060, 1071 and 1073. The car started out as a typical Rivarossi Pullman, I blinded one end and rearrange the windows according to the diagram with various NERS window replacements. The underbody detail was reconfigured and PSC coupler hangers and coupler cut bars added. The roof was transformed into a turtle back by using NERS air conditioner dust the full length along with the rounded ends and alot of filler puddy. I've got a fair amount of work left on the roof sanding and fitting before shes ready to paint, but we're getting there.

    Brad Slone

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    Looking good so far. Please keep us posted as you go along.

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    Great stuff Brad,
    Good to see your work and background on the model. Great to see such a talented modeler build a project such as this..
    I have already learned a lot from this. It is good to see the PSC parts used.
    Thanks for taking the time to post.

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