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    The where is Aurora, MO, mile post 268.9, on the Springfield Subdivision.

    The end on photograph of the flatcar was shot looking southwest from North Morgan Avenue at West Mill Street. In the background is the MFA elevator, south of the Frisco's main line. Two blocks west from this point on Morgan Avenue the Frisco's Mount Vernon branch took off from the Frisco main and turned north.

    A block further west, 3 blocks total, at mile post 269.0 is the at grade crossing with the Missouri Pacific. This is the MOP's Carthage Subdivision at their mile post 489.6. Behind the telephone pole with the streetlight and transformer you can just see the left part of the 2 black target discs of the Frisco's west bound absolute signal protecting the crossing.

    Hope this helps.


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    Yes, it does and thank you.

    I used to travel all of SW Mo for a couple of decades and took a ton of photos.

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