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Passed away September 22, 2017, from Sulligent, AL

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    1. Bruce Adams
    2. Bruce Adams
      Bruce Adams
      The exact name - not sure, but it's a wallpaper seam roller​.
      I can't remember exactly, but I think it was Ace Hardware or one of the Do-It hardware stores ... possibly Home Depot. It was in the paint department, near wallpaper tools, large putty knives, etc. Not expensive. Great for rolling over track to press it into adhesive. I've been using plain silicone caulking for most track laying lately.
      I hope this helps.
      I'll do a quick search and see if I can find it online.
    3. trainchaser007
      Thank you so much. Maybe I can do the same for someone else some day.
    4. wpmoreland719
      Hi Brandon. I'll get to the post office sometime this coming week. I may have a couple of other things that you could use as well, such as the round yellow crossing signs that are usually posted about a hundred feet before the crossing. They are from JL Innovative Design and look very authentic. I'll have to take a look and see what I've got.

      Don't worry about the shipping. I've had a lot of people who have treated me well and given me things over the years. I'm happy to pay it forward.

    5. trainchaser007
      Thanks, Pat. Somehow I missed that in the thread. If you'll send them, I would be happy to reimburse you for the shipping or postage. Thanks so much. - Brandon Adams P.O. Box 1326 Sulligent, AL 35586
    6. wpmoreland719
      Brandon, your layout is looking good. My son and I get a great deal of enjoyment from our layout just like you and your girls get from yours. Nothing beats having kids that share your passion.

      I posted a reply to your thread about homemade rural crossings. If you would like, I'd be glad to send those plastic boards to you. There's probably only enough left to make one crossing, but you can have them if you want. I simply glued them to the ties, four between the rails and one on the outer side of each rail. Again, if you want to use them on your layout, I'll mail them to you.

      Pat Moreland
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    Sulligent, AL
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    1887-present: Any point in time on the B'ham sub.
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    Alabama, Mississippi
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    Scale: HO
    Layout: 140" x 65" with 108" x 24" access in the center.
    Track: 22" radius oval with sidings.
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    AT&N, SLSF in AL & MS
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    - Brandon
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