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Nina & Gabby

Nina & Gabby
Joe Lovett, Aug 14, 2016
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      Mark D. Budka
      For Pete's sake. You have dachshunds. Up until I was 13 we a had standard red/brown Dachshund named Lieutenant. He got loose in the Ozarks once and he was found two days later by someone in Arkansas. That was goofy.
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    • patrick flory
      I’ve always had labs or lab mixes . Quigley’s favorite game was for me to bounce the tennis ball off the steps. He’d be after it and go crazy changing directions when it would bounce. He also liked eyeballing my reflection in the mirror while I was shaving and barking at it.

      Quigley was probably 3/4 lab and 1/4 dachshund, he had the dachshund head and behavior, but had a half size lab body.
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    • Joe Lovett
    • patrick flory
      I haven’t been able to re-dog yet for multiple reasons .

      Another black lab much further back in time, Dixie, always rode the excursion train I worked back then. A hit with the little kids! Would play tennis ball with them while waiting for the train.
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