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  1. rjthomas909

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    Wednesday again, and going after a @modeltruckshop post. Humbling indeed.

    This weekend, I got a good chunk of Saturday to work on some models, and set out to turn every undecorated single-sheath boxcar into a Frisco model. Well, maybe a half-dozen. I showed a few of these last week underway, but did make some progress on the 120XXX and 160XXX cars using Accurail undecs, and modifying the underframes on the 160XXX cars to straight frames and adding some brake rigging. The car on the right is a car that I got in a swap with Tim Moran (Free-Mo Tim), who I sent some post-1930 AAR boxcars in exchange for a pile of Accurail, Tichy, and Ertl (sp?) cars that were in various states of (un)decoration. The car on the right below is actually a Tichy car that is not such a good match for a 150XXX car, but I did not notice the discrepancy until after decaling (grabs vs ladders on side/ends). In addition to these, I have a couple of Accurail #4300s that I am working into straight frames as a match for the 150XXX cars of the Frisco. Not a bad match with that mod.

    Single-Sheath-Boxcars-sm.JPG Single-Sheath-Boxcars-2-sm.JPG

    These still need some weathering, brake staffs, and a few other details. More to come on these. Sorry about the backdrop edge showing. These photos are on a module propped up on sawhorses.

    I also had some K-4 decals come in after seeing the El Paso and Southwestern set on their site. The E.P. & S.W. was absorbed into the SP at some point, hopefully not too far out of character for my layout. I looked in the old ORERs, and the E.P. & S.W. did have some wood/wood end 36ft boxcars, so I dressed up an Accurail car with that set. Still needs the brake staff and some weathering.

    I have also been working on a couple more muley stand-ins. Here is also a work-in-progress using that grab iron tool to make the long cupola and smoke stack braces.


    Finally, I also had a Proto 2000 model of a Mather boxcar. I worked off the AC&Y logo that came on the car and started to turn it into another Wichita and Northwestern car. The K-4 decal set is for this type of car, but the letter breaks are not quite right for the spans between the braces. Need to fix that "I" as well before getting the decals to lay down.


    These are really nice models if you can find one on eBay.

    Well, that's enough for this week. Take Care All!

    -Bob T.
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  2. Sirfoldalot

    Sirfoldalot Supporter Supporter

    Love seeing your work, RJ
  3. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Nice job on all the boxcars!
  4. Those look great Bob! I appreciate your compliment too. Back at ya buddy!!

    I noticed you had a diesel touring around the layout. Looked good (but clean). :)

    Keep it up!
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  5. rjthomas909

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    Thanks Steve (and Ken and Sherrel). Yes, I need to send that one on the @klrwhizkid - @modeltruckshop USA tour. It is part of a psychology experiment....I'll let you know how it turns out. Hint: blue sky in an area where an MRH logo would fit nicely. :ROFLMAO::sneaky:

    Edit: photo Steve is referencing.


    -Bob T.
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  6. I like your thinking Bob! Somebody there likes Frisco stuff it seems. I for one am good with that too.
  7. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Great modeling Bob!
    I have not felt good for a while, and in a colossal modeling funk, for the last month or more. Just enjoying the outdoors right now before it gets too cold. I have decals cut out and ready for application, for a Frisco locomotive project, but just not into it right now. And believe me, I gotta be in the decaling mood for this one...
  8. klrwhizkid

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    Let's give it a voice and then on to Steve for some weathering. Then Steve can get it to Ken on MRH, not just static but making good vibes!
  9. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    ... Rock and Roll !

    Will send it your way soon.
  10. yardmaster

    yardmaster Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Bob, you may have answered this elsewhere, but are you adding separate Tichy brake pieces on the undersides of your Accurail cars? The E.P. & S.W. car looks pretty decent from eye level.

    Need to get an entry on here later. It might just be stuff in boxes that I need to actually start on, but maybe if I put those out there for public viewing, it will motivate me into actually making some progress!
  11. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Hey Chris,

    That car is just using the detail set that comes with the EP&SW decaled (36-ft) Accurail car. It has a single piece with the brake mechanism (rods/levers). I did not add any brake lines to the the EP&SW car. Some of the cars that I am converting to straight underframe, I am using Tichy parts and making brake lines, rods). You can also order that brake rod/levers piece from Accurail and adapt to the car. If you take a low shot, these really add to the "realism" such that it is. I also ordered some Kadee brake line hoses for the ends of the car. I tried some white metal ones, but they were a bit too brittle for my ham-handed skills. The Kadee kit comes with some mounting pieces for the hose/line near the coupler box. I will post pictures when they come in.

    I did not get to weathering last weekend, but maybe this coming Saturday I can get out the air compressor and airbrush.

    -Bob T.
  12. klrwhizkid

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    Here's what I was working on yesterday for my layout. I determined that I needed to transpose the positions of two switches on my layout to better fit the Missouri Utilities plant and International Shoe Company factory on the north end of downtown Cape Girardeau, so it would require those two spurs crossing each other. The end result; a 30 degree crossing thanks to a newly acquired FastTracks jig. If any of you out there need either a 60 or 30in HO, I have the jigs and we can negotiate a very fair price for what will be the smoothest crossing you will ever encounter.

  13. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    I wish way back when I would have bought some Fast Tracks turnout stuff. Too late now.
  14. mark

    mark Member

    I have had the pleasure of seeing, handling and operating on Keith's work.

    His turnouts and diamond crossings are first rate. Also, his decoder, sound installations and drive system repair or tuning are second to none. I highly recommend his skills, work and resulting product(s).

    Even if you want to do your own, I suspect he would be more than willing to consult or give advice to you.

    Hope this helps.


  15. I second that thought Mark.

    crossover looks great Keith. My latest from you got its first use last weekend.
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  16. gna

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    Bob, couple of questions:
    1. Is that a Tichy SS USRA Car? Do you have a Miner lever on it?
    2. Any pics of the Accurail 4300s you've modified?
    Nice job. I have one I started years ago. I put it away after breaking all of the plastic grabs. I should dig it out and try again.
  17. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Hey Gary,

    I will get pics up this weekend of both. Sorry, saw this at work this morning.

    -Bob T.
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  18. A little late but here is some of my week. I made a little progress on more paint work with the big caboose project.

    Also just for fun a Reading 40' box I picked up on the cheap with a group of cars. Add a little variety.
  19. I also finished another car out of the same lot, but the following may contain images that are offensive or sickening to sensitive individuals. Viewer discrestion is advised: :sneaky:

  20. mark

    mark Member


    Regarding that successor line, instead of "or", believe you mean and.

    Certainly there are very many, much more worthy subjects for your talents, skills and time.

    Hope this helps.


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