Weir City, Ks Station

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    :) Weir City, Ks Station - 1915 Sanborn Map

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    St. Louis-San Francisco Railway box depot, Weir City, Kansas

    This photograph shows the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway box depot in Weir City, Kansas. The structure was located on the Northern Division, Coal Branch, Parsons Sub. Division at milepost 145.2.

    Date: 1959

    Not quite sure where this is, exactly, but some great wood box cars in the photo....

    Kansas Memory Web Site, Kansas Historical Society

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    I grabbed this postcard from eBay, but am not entirely sure which Weir Depot it represents. I know the old Pittsburg and Columbus depot still stands as a house, but not sure when the one on the Weir Branch was razed.

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