Was there a wye here?

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  1. This would've been just north of Bangert.


    I have been reading about and studying the Salem branch and all the spurs and branches that radiated from it and I've become pretty fascinated with it all, including the Cherry Valley and Sligo and Eastern histories.

    It sure looks like there may have been a wye here, but I've been unable to locate anything indicating there was other than the "appearance" of one on Google Maps.
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    In looking at topo maps of the area, there is no indication of such. The lay of the terrain looks like it could allow a wye to have been in place, although the east leg of the wye would have had about a fifty foot climb up to the north end of the wye, with the west end of the wye nearly level.

    Short Bend Wye topo.JPG Short Bend Wye.JPG
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  4. klrwhizkid

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    Looking back at Eastern Division Timetables to 1934 and in 1898, there is no record of a wye east of Bangert.
  5. Thanks, gentlemen. I'm going to be posting some about the Salem Branch, and the Sligo and Eastern and Cherry Valley Railroads here before long.
  6. Karl

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    Don't give up on this...It may just require some older source material. I overlaid the satellite image over the topo image, and I think that something was there. A trip into the weeds may be in order.

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  7. Wow! That would be fun!
  8. klrwhizkid

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    That's our resident geologist, Karl, at work. Karl, in closer look at the newer topos, there seems to be evidence of roadbed as you illustrate based on the topo lines. I feel a walk in the weeds coming on...
  9. yardmaster

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    Well done, Karl - and nothing like doing a little hiking to get some "ground truth." Always something new around these parts- keep us posted...
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    Wouldn't it be great to hike around the area and find some old ties or roadbed ballast etc?
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    Not to intrude where I am not real familiar, but wasn't there geared locos used in this area at one time? Something clicked when the steep grade was mentioned. Nothing like a geared steamer for that.
  12. If you guys are serious about a hiking trip I'd love the opportunity to be in on it. I've never explored the branch in person.
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    Having hiked many, many abandoned railroads, I will say that it's almost too late in the season to have a pleasant time of it. My preferred times are well into Autumn to the end of Winter. Reason: Critters (bugs/ticks/chiggars/etc) and varmints (snakes) are not an issue, plus there is less foliage on the trees (visibility) and the underbrush is dead for the year. The snappy/colder weather also makes hiking more pleasant. Of course, your mileage may vary.

    The issue at hand: Definitely there was track there. The topo shows evidences of fill work and such. It could be an interesting (and short) hike up to the old mine location. Hopefully, the old road bed isn't behind barbed wire with "THIS IS MINE AND YOU CAN"T HIKE IT" signs in place.
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    Okay, you guys have really got my attention with all this.

    I've been downloading topographical maps into my USAPhotoMaps program and I now have all the topo maps for the lines from Salem to Cuba, from "Lead Jct" to Viburnam, and the abandoned roadbed from just north of Cook Station that also ran over to Viburnam.

    So, what exactly am I looking at?

    What RR was the Cuba to Salem line originally? (Built in 1873?)

    What RR was the Lead Jct to Viburnam line? (Built ?)

    What RR was the abandoned line to Viburnam? (Built?)

    Am I missing other major branches/or early lines of the area?

    There was a recent thread here that had some dates on some of the above lines, but for the life of me I can't find it.

    Wow, there was a ton of stuff over there. The gears are spinning!
  15. This sentance had to be typed so the board software would accept this post. :eek:
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    Thanks Chris for additional input! Very much appreciated!

    Tonight I am going to be placing "markers" in USAPhotoMaps, and then export them to Microsoft Train Simulator so I can begin the process of extracting the needed regional "tiles". Next I will download NED Digital Elevation Models and form the terrain for the region. Once that's done, I can enter the route editing software and take a look at the terrain and "markers" (the "markers" appear as survey stakes within the route editing software) to have a look-see. I have a real good suspicion this is going to become another V scale route project for me!
  17. Coonskin

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    Hi Again Chris!

    Here's a screen grab of USAPhotoMaps topo showing east of Dillard. I've also tried to attach it as a file incase the forum software downsizes the large res screen grab.

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  18. Thanks for that! I had assumed 49 was built on top of it and it looks like it was, except for that short section labelled "old railroad bed". So I'll make that change to the KMZ later and for the time being Dillard to Viburnum section of S & E is done.
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    The question I have with the topo showing "old railroad bed" is that none of the previous quads reference the old railroad bed.


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