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    Excellent site. I've tracked Katy towers there as well. :eek:
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    Frisco depots and interlocking towers in Texas provides information and photos of Tower 77 which was located in Carrollton, Texas. It protected the three-way crossings of the Frisco, Katy and Cotton Belt at grade. The depot was operated by the Cotton Belt but also provided service for the Frisco and Katy as a joint agency. I haven´t located information regarding which railroad built and manned Tower 77. It should be noted that the Chicago, Rock Island & Gulf built the line which became the Frisco´s mainline from Ft. Worth to Sherman.
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    July 8, 2012: I revisited which contains excellent information on all the numbered interlocking towers that have served Texas over the years. It includes of course all the towers that governed the Frisco and QA&P train movements that crossed the other railroads. Well worth a visit and BE CAREFUL when you climb the steps of the towers in the photos. Remember, SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS!

    Lots of updates!

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